Permanent Hiring

Vantage Hiring specialises in professional recruitment services helping clients hire right talent. Unlike generic partners who just load you with irrelevant resumes, we begin our work by understanding the domain and niche hiring needs of the client. As your strategic partner and advocate, we have the resources and expertise to search the marketplace, speak on your behalf and get the right talent interested in joining your organization.

Our differentiators

  • Our strategic approach. We take the time to understand your organization’s goals.
  • Staffing needs assessment. We assess your staffing needs in relation to your organization’s goals.
  • Primary Research on the mandate and Industry Mapping
  • Broad networks and deep pool of candidates. We search our broad networks and deep pool of candidates to find the right talent for your company.
  • Strong matches. We connect you with only those candidates who we believe match the role and your culture.
  • Deep insight to candidates. We share insight to each candidate’s personality, priorities and key motivations.
  • Honest feedback. We listen carefully and give honest feedback.

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